New iMac Incoming!

Top of the line new computer I just ordered today… 32 gig of RAM!! It’s been a long time since I’ve had an iMac… I love iMacs!! Normally I wouldn’t go for most expensive possible, but I need the RAM coz i keep a ton of tabs open in my browser, and it will take up ALL yer RAM in a heartbeat!

8 comments on “New iMac Incoming!”

  1. I know you can hardly wait!

    1. i’m better at waiting (for some things) these days, because time seems to go by sooo quickly… but yes, i can hardly wait xoxoxox…

  2. congratulations on the new acquisition, Elaine!
    i am back after quite some time…. hope to be more regular now

    1. Ayush!! good to see you! are you home home, or in the NL?

  3. how exciting !

    i’m glad for you !

    1. Thank you, sweetheart xoxox

  4. Never understood the fascination with iMacs. I guess it is whatever you are used to.

    1. they a very functional, and pretty 🙂

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