6 comments on “Videodrone”

  1. Uh…I don’t get it, Elaine. Is there a video to see…because it’s not playing for me. I have a feeling you know something I don’t, of course….

    1. yeah, haha, i had a video stopped on netflix, and it had that woman standing there in a dark room with the play button on her back, i liked it, so i took a picture of it lol

  2. very clever, elaine

    love it !

    1. it happens to me a lot… i see pictures in a freeze frame 🙂 i don’t succumb to the temptation a lot tho lol

  3. The headless walking! I love the anticipation and suspenseful overtones.

    1. it’s a famous poem, i didn’t write it 🙂 wish i had tho

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