Eggplant Purple Rain

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  1. That’s fabulous, Elaine…especially the reference to Purple Rain!

    1. thank you, sister! i did think of putting up a video of the song 🙂 i had to bend down low and wobble to and fro to get the shot 🙂

  2. oh, wow, love, love this

    like something from a book of giant plants

    can’t you just imagine this as an illustration in a child’s book ?

    1. you do my heart goooood, sherri… it’s actually a mini eggplant, it does look huge doesn’t it? lol i illustrated my own children’s book… and yes, i could have used this pic 🙂 thank yoooou xoxox

  3. I love the moisture of which this photo oozes – although I don’t love eggplants. And, yes, I enjoyed the reference. 🙂

    1. whoa, dude, a COMMENT… i don’t get many of those from you lol busy with all the ‘good’ photographers i imagine lol… thanks for your sweetness about eggplants that you don’t even like 🙂 they make good lasagne without noodles, the slices of eggplant are the noodle replacement!

  4. That is gorgeous. They are beautiful to look at but horrendous to eat.

    1. aww thanks, Michael, yes, eggplants are quite regal looking aren’t they? i once had a recipe for eggplant in rattatoui … it was yummy… i think the secret to eggplant is CHEESE 🙂

  5. My cable TV provider is hammering us with repeated showings of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Your eggplant reminded me of the movie.

    1. hahaha!!! pod people? i’ve never seen that movie, but i can imagine lol

      1. Save yourself the agony of watching it and just eat some egg plant instead.

      2. hahaha, oh my gosh… that bad huh? lolol

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