12 thoughts on “Eggplant Purple Rain

    1. you do my heart goooood, sherri… it’s actually a mini eggplant, it does look huge doesn’t it? lol i illustrated my own children’s book… and yes, i could have used this pic 🙂 thank yoooou xoxox

    1. whoa, dude, a COMMENT… i don’t get many of those from you lol busy with all the ‘good’ photographers i imagine lol… thanks for your sweetness about eggplants that you don’t even like 🙂 they make good lasagne without noodles, the slices of eggplant are the noodle replacement!

    1. aww thanks, Michael, yes, eggplants are quite regal looking aren’t they? i once had a recipe for eggplant in rattatoui … it was yummy… i think the secret to eggplant is CHEESE 🙂

  1. My cable TV provider is hammering us with repeated showings of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Your eggplant reminded me of the movie.

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