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  1. Oh wow, Elaine. My immediate thought was Wuthering Heights. A story can certainly be written about this….

    1. more like pride and prejudice 🙂 i watched it last night…

  2. I have never watched nor read “Pride and Prejudice” but after looking at some quotes taken from it, I think my education has been incomplete. I need to remedy this.

    1. yes, one hasn’t lived fully, if you have not wrung your hands at the trials of elizabeth bennet and mr darcy 🙂 i bought the movie off of iTunes, so i can watch it whenever i want 🙂

  3. excellent shot, Elaine. i like the skyscape and the fading colours of the day.

    1. 🙂 thank you, sweetie xox

  4. i thought of Ruth

    at any rate, this beautiful silhouette could evoke so many thoughts and/or memories

    a stunning image

    1. Ruth… sounds familiar… i might have read it… i think i have read wuthering heights more tho 🙂 ‘Heathcliff!! It’s me, Cathy, I’ve come home… It’s so cold’ (kate bush version)

      1. Ruth, as in the book of Ruth

        she gleans in the field of Boaz

      2. oh right!!! with her designs on him, tho she herself was quite innocent in the matter lol… ‘go lie at his feel while he sleeps, that won’t scare the crap outta him’ haha

  5. That is a spectacular shot.

    1. hehe, thanks man xoxox

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