Wedding Ring

I had this ring custom made coz I can’t find my wedding ring ❤️

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  1. I didn’t realize you couldn’t find your wedding ring, Elaine!!! What a bummer. But I’m glad you found a replacement that makes you happy.

    1. it didn’t fit anyway, i’m just not sure where it is… it’s not where it should be… it never really felt like mine anyway, my mom had it from a relative she didn’t remember who lol… and yes, i’m happy with this ring… tanks sister xox

  2. i like this shot, Elaine, the ring against the backdrop of the skin.

    1. looks like my hands are getting old…. boooo… but thanks, Ayush!

  3. An interesting and unique design. Nice.

    1. thanks, Philster… I like it toooo, it came out nice!

  4. a lovely designed ring

    i like it a lot

    in reading your response to Ginnie, i decided not to feel bad that you lost the other ring (i guess)

    1. thanks, Sherri… no, don’t feel bad… hubby and i weren’t even going to BUY wedding rings back when we got married, and my mom scavenged her drawers until she found something for us lol….

      i like this ring. i think it’s kinda funny lookin’ 🙂 but in a good way

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