Long Hair

I think I might grow my hair this long again… only this time it will be grey! I will look like a wild woman I think. Inviting children into my gingerbread house… hmmmm, why do people make gingerbread houses for Christmas?? isn’t that a story about a witch who eats kids?

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  1. Who starts with long hair and ends with a witch who eats kids???? WHO? Elaine, that’s who. HAHAHA. I used to have long hair, too, down to my butt…but am very grateful for short hair now. I suppose you can keep Smidge warm with your long hair?

    1. well you KNOW how my mind works lolol you made me laugh…. i just looked at myself in the mirror last night and so badly wished i still had my pixie cut… but i’m being stubborn on the whole growing it out thing now… i HATE the way my hair looks right now lol grrrrr

  2. But grey hair is the new “thing” with the kids these days, you’d be totally (more) hip! 🙂

    1. i know right???? how did grey hair get cool with the kiddies?? so strange…. maybe they just want to be taken seriously, or to have people tell them they have SUCH nice skin for their age 🙂

  3. good observation about the gingerbread houses at Christmas

    even the young girls are coloring their hair grey and theirs is long too

    mine is longer than it has been in several years and i’m not planning on cutting it for now

    1. chyeah!! kind of a weird story to mix in with Christmas, but we all know Christmas is pagan anyway, doesn’t stop me from the unbridled avarice haha

      and i have a lot of the young girls with grey hair in my pinterest hair board… astounding!

      i noticed your hair is quite long in your avatar, it looks great on you!!! xoxox

  4. This is a ladies’ conversation, so I won’t say a word.

    1. awww Phil lol all are welcome 🙂

  5. i certainly liked your hair in this post, Elaine. i did nibble the chubby cheeks of my niece when she was an infant/toddler.

    1. lol interesting segue, Ayush! 🙂

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