In heaven everythin’ is fine

You got your good things and I got mine Lala

10 comments on “In heaven everythin’ is fine”

  1. Sweet dreams are made of this….

    1. who am i to disagree? lalala

  2. Heaven can be a place on earth…

    1. in the immortal words of Belinda Carlisle 🙂

  3. There has to be a stairway to it somewhere here?

    1. there is… i’m buying it 😀 this turned out to be a musical post!

  4. really liking that shot, Elaine. with the sharp focus and then the fuzziness at the sides.

    1. haha, thanks, Ayush… you forgot to work in a song lol

  5. what an exceptional portrait of her

    love the angle and the focus is spot on

    1. awww, thank you, sweetheart… she loves sleeping in my white house coat, it’s made of some sort of special soft material, and she’s in heaven 🙂

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