Icky Number

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  1. It’s so strange that you posted this today, Elaine, because I woke up last night at exactly 3:33. There are times when I wake up at 0:00. How does that happen????

    1. i don’t know how it happens, sister… i only know it’s creepy… i started seeing 11:11 when i was about 14 and a girl did my numerology and told me i had the master number 11 somewhere in there… that’s when the number started bugging me… kinda reminds me of the number 23 from that jim carey movie! lol

  2. I think your computer is trying to tell you something….

    1. yeah, creepy ass computer… i always wondered how numbers got all creepy with themselves before the first radio shack ‘digital’ alarm clock

  3. i always like typography and never apply superstition to numbers

    makes a cool image

    1. i wouldn’t know WHAT superstition to apply lol i just noticed that i always look at the clock at that time
      and yeah, it’s a cool screen saver 🙂 thanks

      1. i guess i read the superstition into it from the other chain of conversation. my bad : – )

      2. yeah? ginnie asks me why i happens, and i’m all ‘I DON’T KNOOOW’ lol

      3. and that silly Chely Wright song

      4. lol, is there a song about 11 11??? it doesn’t surprise me lol

  4. I say a prayer at eleven eleven

    how goofy is that ???? lol

    1. there’s this one guy who follows 11 11 all over the world, now he’s in africa running some kind of safe house for kids 🙂

      1. good grief

        a person could lose their entire life chasing numbers

      2. yeah, the guy is a little crazy, but i think he has stopped globe trotting after the numbers now 🙂

      3. this is liking texting

      4. haha, it is an interesting subject

      5. oh, look ! it posted my last message at 8:18 !!!

      6. lol run away run away aaaaahhhh!!

  5. and 8 + 1 = 9 and yours was at 8:19 ! Ooooo

    1. remember the movie ’23’?? where Jim Carey went crazy with that number, everything seemed to add to 23… my addy when i was a kid was 1274 and i thought 12+ 7 + 4 aaaaaah!!!!

  6. You guys is silly. (I’m laughing!)

    1. silly is as silly does lol

  7. I love numbers like that. Clock numbers and I really like odometer numbers that seem lined up in a special way whenever I look at them.

    1. soooo you don’t think it’s the universe trying to freak you out? lolol jk, i’m glad you love them

  8. good shot, Elaine. i wonder if that never happens to me? or if it happens and i just do not perceive it.

    1. well maybe you will start seeing it now lol

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