10 comments on “Underground”

  1. Make sure you always have Hubby with you, of course!!! (sigh)

    1. oh i sit in the locked car while he shops, with the air conditioner or heated seats on… but still, my imagination runs away with itself…

  2. what a cool color palette

    it appears like nobody is shopping right now

    1. yeah, hubby always goes at a time when he’s practically alone in the store lol

  3. oh i like this scene, Elaine – very movie like, with a sense that something is about to happen!

    1. hehe, thanks, Ayush! tho the only thing that was about to happen was me shooting another frame 🙂

  4. Spooky stuff, Ms. Spielberg.

    1. i knoooow right, and hubby gets angry at coming back to a locked car door!!

  5. I think like you hubby does, it seems. I try to find times of the day when most people don’t want to shop. I guess I don’t really like shopping, so a parking lot like this is a good sign for me. 🙂

    1. yes, hubby has a snit fit if there’s tons of people in the check out line!

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