Drive-by Texting

10 comments on “Drive-by Texting”

  1. HA! Were you on your scoot-mobile, Elaine??? 🙂

    1. scoot mobile?? that sounds like something i need! lol

  2. I love those green speed streaks behind the speed texting lady. Did she ever notice you? I bet not.

    1. that’s funny lol no she did not notice me 🙂

  3. i think i know how you caught this one and i absolutely love it

    very good image

    1. do you know? it’s a ‘technique’ i have used quite a few times lolol

  4. That is very nice. Love the soft colours.

    1. thank you, Michael xoxox

  5. you reacted well to have captured this, Elaine

    1. Thanks, Ayush… where ya been?

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