Homemade Wreath

Hubby is in the Christmas spirit this year, and he made this beautiful homemade wreath and took this weird picture of it lol… today is his birthday too!

8 comments on “Homemade Wreath”

  1. YAY for Hubby making this homemade wreath and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Not fun having a birthday so close to Christmas, however, I’m sure?!)

    1. Don’t worry, he was very happy with his gift lol… i haven’t gotten a birthday gift for about 3 years, and he always gets one, or he feels sorry for himself for having a birthday close to Christmas lol it’s funny

  2. Nice work on the wreath. Happy Birthday, Gilles!

    1. it is a pretty wreath isn’t it? and thank you, Gilles had a nice birthday. xoxox

  3. What a dexterous hubby! Indeed pretty. A belated happy birthday to him.

    1. thank you, Otto…. I was surprised at how pretty his wreath was!

  4. he did a fantastic job

    1. didn’t he tho? 🙂 one time i went to a christmas wreath making ‘course’ and his wreath is better than mine

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