Gilles’ Bones

Gilles ordered pork ribs, and i ordered the tenderest possible steak i could get, and ended up in horrible pain today, as I took a bucket load of digestive enzymes pills… ugh, remind me not to do that again, at least until I’m able to digest it. Being vegetarian/vegan for so long, has it’s drawbacks lol it was off and on for me, so i thought i was ok… but you know,, i don’t think i have EVER had a steak in my entire life!

6 comments on “Gilles’ Bones”

  1. hubby looks very happy ! good to see

    my husband loves ribs, but i refuse to eat them because i feel like i’m having to fight and work just to get a bite of food : – )

    1. haha, he’s a ribs snarfleuffagus is he?… you could always bonk him over the head with a cast iron pan, and have your fill 🙂

  2. By the title, I thought you were starting a medical blog. Nope.

    1. hehe, well, i thought i needed a doctor, if that counts!

  3. I am a HUGE FAN of ribs, Elaine, and realize in saying it that I’m a true-blue bone-gnawer. HA! Hope you’re feeling better by the minute, as we speak?!

    1. i am feeling better, but it’s very tenuous, and shaky… i still don’t want to eat! gilles used to make awesome bbq ribs 🙂

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