Let it Snow!

Anybody get a little snow for the new year? yeah, me neither 🙂

12 comments on “Let it Snow!”

  1. A couple weeks back but NOT for Christmas or New Year’s, Elaine. I would LOVE to see a good snow again this winter!

    1. yes yes, so your skating rivers can freeze! i know you guys miss that!

  2. Elaine, with time I have become more interested in the environment and am a strong proponent of protection, preservation, and positive stewardship of this single and amazing planet that we call our own. I am aware that the discussion could get quite involved, but you can ascertain my position fairly easily, so, to spare that and to say a lot without saying too much, I will just say “no snow here, too much rain, too warm to be winter.” We should be ashamed and our chagrin should prompt the resolve to remedy what we can while we can.

    Love your real life photo!

    1. yeah, remember when Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was on all the time? I must have watched that show a zillion times, and freaked out every one of them! yep, we have an electric car!

  3. Snow, what snow?! This is the warmest winter I’ve seen on the East Coast. On a positive note, that means less fossil fuels and energy being used to heat, a small consolation.

    1. yeah, we had no snow either, we usually get our one snowfall of the year around Christmas… global warming, meh

  4. it has been unseasonably warm in the south of the Netherlands, Elaine.

    1. I think it has been for all of us, Ayush

  5. not yet, but i understand those who monitor climate change are predicting some terribly cold weather in about 3 weeks

    my hubby is a weather junkie and that’s what he told me : – )

    1. a weather junkie? that’s cool… reminds me of the movie ‘Twister’ 🙂

      1. yes, weather junkie

        back in the day he used to call time and temperature a half a dozen times a day

        now, he has weather apps and gives me updates all day long : – )

      2. haha, well i’m glad he has you to talk about the weather with, would be such a lonely passion otherwise 🙂 hehe

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