Me and New Cam… And Twinkle lights

I haven’t seen what i look like without glasses in years lol and I love my new camera! The New Year is so far so good…

9 comments on “Me and New Cam… And Twinkle lights”

  1. But can you SEE???? HA! I’m laughing because when I take my glasses off I’m almost as blind as a bat! But I know you love your twinkle lights, which you CAN see even without your glasses. YAY. And YAY for your new camera.

    1. i couldn’t really see my face when i took that picture, but i could see it after the picture was taken and i put my glasses back on. only took me this long to figure out i could do that lol

  2. gotta love this one, elaine

    1. i like sparkly things toooo 🙂 thanks, sherri xox

  3. Nice photo and, yes, sparkly only adds to the magic. 🙂

    1. thanks, Phil…. we all need more sparkles!

    2. i don’t know where the star filter came from on just the lights around my computer… but such are the dangers of over processing lol… thanks, Phil xox

  4. actually this is a seriously cool shot, Elaine. i love it!

    1. awww, thank you, Ayush!!

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