Side View

“Pretty good for a quadroped… Don’t drive angry… Side of the eye, side of the eye.” ~Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day’

8 comments on “Side View”

  1. Oh, how nice, Elaine. I like that. And don’t forget that objects may be closer than they appear!

    1. lol what objects? i like pictures of the open road tooooo…. thanks, sister xox

  2. that’s an exceptional result

    1. really? i am getting back into over processing and having a good time with it lol

  3. There are exactly the right number of cars in that picture. (The type of road I long for.)

    1. i agree… a view down the road like that never seems to last long tho… many times i have gazed, along the open road lalala

    1. hey Roland!!! Where ya been?? nice to see you!

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