Many Times I’ve Gazed…

Along the Open Road…. Many is the word that only leaves you guessin’… guessin’ ’bout a thing, you really ought to know…~Led Zeppelin

6 comments on “Many Times I’ve Gazed…”

  1. On the road again…la la la. It looks like it was snowing, like it did for us yesterday. Stay warm and safe.

    1. naw, it wasn’t snowing lol it’s just an over processed photo 🙂 thanks for putting willy nelson in my head lol

  2. very cool night shot

    1. thanks, boo… night falls early, can’t wait for those summer days!!

  3. cool night shot, Elaine. i wonder what time of the night does it really get all silent and quiet there.

    1. lol never…. nevertime 🙂

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