Snow and Lights

I love when big fat snowflakes fall on bare branches to rest 🙂

4 comments on “Snow and Lights”

  1. I do, too, Elaine. Gloppy snow. The touch of red makes it even more special.

    1. those Christmas lights are up all year round lol but they only turn them on at Christmas

  2. i think leaving Christmas lights out year ’round spoils the delight when it’s time for them to be displayed. some small towns in our neck of the woods leave up lights year ’round, but i’ve only seen tiny, white bulbs.

    makes a terrific catch though

    love how the snow outlines the limbs as well

    1. we just rent here, or we would take them down lol but we didn’t put them UP lol… we don’t notice the lights really, until it’s time to turn them on… thanks sister xoxox

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