The Bridge

My husband says my pictures feel sad.

10 comments on “The Bridge”

  1. Noooo, not sad, Elaine. Moody, maybe, but always with mystery. This reminds me of a hammered dulcimer standing upright! 🙂

    1. i don’t know why he said that… i don’t think of my pictures as sad… mysterious maybe… except for the last couple of years when i only had an iPhone to take pics with haha, decidedly uninspiring 🙂

  2. I agree with Ginnie, it’s rather moody, and yes, dark. But I like the darkness it invites you into explore. I like the subtle shapes and the enigma that is hidden behind them.

    1. blur = mystery, don’t you think? processing often = moodiness i guess 🙂 Thank you, Otto! xox

  3. this one? i do not agree, it looks just fine, in fact it looks like one might be heading into the city for work in the morning, so in that sense, it looks promising to me, Elaine

    1. well, you ARE a very cheery guy, Ayush! xoxox

  4. That’s a lonesome looking place, love the mood.

    1. hehe, i made people sad with my photography! lol i’m an asshole! lol

  5. not sad to me, but i suppose some would view the color palette that way

    i absolutely love how you captured this with the view through the bridge

    1. i think my monitor needs calibrating lol thus the sad colour palette lol thanks, sister!

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