Get in Line!

Sorta like getting your ducks in a row, but not really.

6 comments on “Get in Line!”

  1. oh, i’d hate to go back to those days

    love, love the dreamy quality of your phot

    1. i would hate it tooo… school years were not happy years for me…at least until i got to university 🙂 and thanks about the photo, sometimes dreams do come true hehe

  2. they all seem to have pretty filled up backpacks, Elaine.

    1. they are probably drug smugglers hehe jk

  3. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end! (sigh) Actually, I really wasn’t in any groups like that, to be honest. I was quite the loner.

    1. i was alone in GANGS of people lol i was in the cool crowd, not exactly sure how that happened lol

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