The Green Machine

“It’s not easy being green.’ ~Kermit the Frog

10 comments on “The Green Machine”

  1. love, love the tones here

    1. thanks lol i’m glad it looks as green to you as it does to me!

  2. A green, mean machine? At least not an inexpensive machine. But really a cool photo, suggesting a world of nothing but shapes and forms and a monochromatic palette.

    1. thank you, Otto… i heard a line in the movie ‘destination wedding’… that ‘we think there is something noble about being human but it’s just a disgusting race trying to propagate itself… and everything comes down to choosing what shapes we find appealing’ 🙂

      1. I am not sure about this thing about disgusting race, although there are many enough disgusting individuals. But, yes, maybe it all comes down to choosing shapes and forms.

      2. yeah lol it’s a funny movie tho lol about a couple people who hate people lol

  3. HAHAHA. YAY for Kermit. And YAY for me being back! 🙂

    1. totally YAY for you being back!! i missssed you! xoxox

  4. Bimmer! I’ll take one. The color makes no difference! To me, this is an artistic shot. All the static surroundings offset by the car invading the space. Everything in the photo is man-made, but it demonstrates the effect we humans have on this tired old world.

    1. yes, when God makes it, it grows, when we make it, it breaks down lol… tho i guess we eventually break down too!!

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