Free Medical!

Happy Canada Day!

10 comments on “Free Medical!”

  1. Happy Canada Day to you, too, Elaine. Let’s hope you don’t need to go to the Medical Clinic!

    1. again! let’s hope i don’t need medical attention on canada day AGAIN! lol i freakin’ hate canada day 😛

      1. Look at this fab new blog design. How lovely!

      2. Thanks sistah friend!!! i think the menu bar is the wrong shade of pink, but I will work that out laterz 🙂

  2. love, love the shades of pink against the night

    1. it’s weird how it turned out pink 🙂 thanks, sister xox

  3. that’s a cool shot, Elaine. somehow i have never stopped to take photos of an hospital.

    1. hehe, it’s just a walk-in clinic beside a drugstore in a strip mall 🙂 thanks, Ayush xoxox

  4. I couldn’t go to a pink clinic. It would have to be lumberjack plaid. I like the new page design. 🙂

    1. yes, you need a manly man’s clinic where you and the doc talk about the big game and slap each other on the butts 😛 hehe… thanks, Philster, i kinda like the design toooooo

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