Traumatic Mail

When one has bad knees this is a fearful sight to encounter on the way to the mailbox

10 comments on “Traumatic Mail”

  1. I know, Elaine. Does using a cane help?

    1. using a cane would only help if my shoulders, elbows, and wrists didn’t hurt just as much! thanks sister xoxox

  2. now if the mailman had bad knees…..!

    1. i don’t think the mail man would be a mail man anymore if he had bad knees lol

  3. I like the photo, although the subject matter causes traumatic stress. Maybe you need to install a conveyor belt that will bring the mail to the front door…

    1. lolol sorry for the traumatic stress … but thanks for the conveyor belt idea 🙂

  4. Love the title and the photo! So sorry about the various pains that affect doing even simple things. 🙁

    1. yes, pain… makes me wish i had leprosy sometimes… did you get my email? it was bouncing back to me

  5. perhaps you should get a very stylish cane for the occasion. when i get to that point, i’m definitely going to be stylin’ : – )

    1. lol yeah i got a leopard print one, about 20 years ago, that’s how i found out you need a pain free ARM to go with it lol

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