I’m not sure if I posted this pic before…
I quit smoking over 10 years ago, and hubby said, just give me a few days and I’ll quit with you.
10 years later, he’s still smoking… and he has to do it outside.
about 5 years ago, I got a super super strong urge to start smoking again, but I knew it would kill me, so I started vaping, which I love.

5 thoughts on “Smoke if Ya Got ‘Em

    1. that’s just coz big tobacco is fighting it, they are fighting it HARD… it pisses me off actually! I mean what if they succeed in getting rid of a safe way to deliver nicotine?? that would be horrible!!

    1. Yes!! lol what’s funny about that is I taught him everything i know, and passed down my gear to him, and now he sits over there blowing clouds of vapour lol AND HE STILL SMOKES lol just not as often 🙂

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