L’Bodum, L’amoure

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J’adore… aaah Le Cafe… mmmm zee birth of a notion.. zee grand illusion, mmm mmm mmmmm

8 comments on “L’Bodum, L’amoure”

  1. “Make taste, not waste.” I have a feeling some people swear on these, Elaine! Your image should be on their website. 🙂

    1. yes yes, lol, i should make a coffee website! a shopify store or something 🙂

  2. gotta love your words accompanying this neat capture

    1. hehe, pepe le pew was one of my faves as a kid lol thanks, sherri xox

  3. as i looked into your post today, i was sitting down with my first coffee cup for the day, Sherri. not the best coffee from the machine but effective to get started on the day.

    1. I’m Elaine, not Sherri haha, tho i do accept the compliment of being confused with her talented self 🙂

  4. Coffee: just the aroma, please.

    1. i know right lol coffee makes the anxiety worse!

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