A River Runs Thru It

With my new camera, an image over the bridge is hard to capture. But I like this one.

6 comments on “A River Runs Thru It”

  1. Oh, I love that movie. And my eyes immediately cropped this as a thin sliver between those two top rails. Now THAT would be a letter-box crop if there ever was one. HA!

    1. yes, it’s funny that it’s sooo in focus back there! thanks for noticing, sis!!

  2. i like it too, Elaine. the smooth wash of lavender tones is soothing for me.

    1. i never really noticed until you said something, it is a pretty purple, like lilac tooooo… thanks, Ayush

  3. i like all of the layers

    1. me toooooo xoxoxox

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