Highways and Byways

all of us in our rolling boxes, hopefully never to meet

10 comments on “Highways and Byways”

  1. Hopefully never to meet? Well, I suppose you mean “by accident,” but sometimes those are the best meet-ups, Elaine. How do you like my pun?? 😀

    1. yeah lol you don’t want a ‘meet-cute’ with the bumpers of your cars lol… but i know what you mean by a ‘happy accident’ lol

  2. i think this is a terrific shot and your comment makes it a topic for social discussion, Elaine!

    1. Thank you, Ayush!! I think it looks like something off the evening news, and it makes me wonder what the story is that goes along with the picture… I made a photoshop action that I called ‘Movies by me’ and it always reminds me of something seen on a bigger screen… but that’s what it’s meant to do 🙂

  3. Holala trafic, nice photo!
    Good day to you!

    1. Hello Roland!! good day to you too!! and thank you 🙂

  4. love, love the color of the sky over this massive amount of traffic

    1. thanks, sweetie xoxoxox

  5. It is so nice to be squashed all of us against each other LOL just joking, I always prefer to drive small roads…

    1. i do dislike traffic as well, and we too take side roads whenever possible!

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