White on White

Look how the clouds over the snow topped mountain echo it’s shape

8 comments on “White on White”

  1. Oh, how beautiful, Elaine. Where did you see this?

    1. oh it’s just the view heading out to the RV, the green mountains are all around our RV resort! thanks, sister! xox

  2. it is quite a scene, Elaine. a reminder for me to be outdoors more.

    1. awww, well, i was just in an air conditioned car lol

  3. “Oh, it’s just the view heading out to the RV…” Just? Exxccuuuse me? 🙂 I know you love it, but I just had to…well, you understand. Your photo is creating the wanderlust, Elaine.

    1. HAHA, i know what you mean, Phil… i was just saying ‘JUST’ because, photographically speaking, i only get to see the same few mountains haha
      oh and you should OBEY that wanderlust!!

  4. a stunning composition and i love the color palette

    1. mountains kissing the sky 🙂 thanks, sherri xoxox

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