The Shack

Sometimes I run across old abandoned shacks on the way out to the RV, sometimes I can even get hubby to stop so I can take a picture!

10 comments on “The Shack”

  1. Thus one definitely has a story to tell, Elaine. Well done.

    1. i noticed i have 3 posts called ‘the shack’… they are probably all the same one haha

  2. A pretty shack, this is good that your husband stops for you facilitate … good day

    1. Thank you, Roland! I wonder if it was a tiny house at one time

  3. this one does not seem to have an internet connection, Elaine, even a running water connection for that matter.

    1. LOL!!! yes, Ayush, as a matter of fact the lack of internet is probably why nobody lives there! haha you made me laugh

  4. This made me think of the B-52’s “Love Shack.” Now I can’t get it out of my head.
    Thank you very much. 😉

    1. lol anytime i can be of service, Phil lol

  5. it’s really quite lovely

    1. thanks, i love old weathered wood tooooo

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