12 thoughts on “Air Canada

    1. actually, it’s a combo of things, i have a vignette setting right in my camera, and i made a photoshop action to mimic movies and have blur, i love blur 🙂 you have a nice day too, Roland!!

  1. Your movie-style action works just fine. When I first saw the photo, I said, “Oooh, Film!” (I still have a bunch of the stuff, by the way, and it’s nicely expired and chilling in the fridge for quite some time now.)

    Nice work, Elaine!

    1. oh thank you, sweetie!! i was at the airport and i was waiting for hubby to get home, and i was so stressed out from having to drive there, coz i have a phobia, and my head was spinning and i don’t even remember taking all my airport shots lol i’ve got quite a few, with zero memory of it, except the one of hubby coming out of the gate 🙂

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