Birdie in a Nest

My mom made these for us, and hubby’s mom made them for him, thus i still get them in my life now, but giving up gluten is harshing my gig, buddy.

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  1. Birdies in a nest!?! I have never heard that expression, Elaine, for eggs inside a piece of bread but how fun is that. Hmmm. And a good idea for Astrid’s homemade bread. Your image makes me want to go make them right now. Too bad you’ve had to give up gluten. 🙁

    1. it’s probably coz i’m canadian and it comes from England lol like ‘eggs and soldiers’ where you cut up the toast in long thin strips and dip them into your soft boiled egg in a cup 🙂
      oh and if you are going to make birdies in a nest, they are actually eaten with ketchup spread on them 🙂 in the picture they haven’t been flipped yet, you cook the egg on both sides, and it’s soft inside… 🙂

  2. no matter what country they find their origin, they look flat yummy

    1. SUPER yummy!! oh shoot, now you made me crave them lol

  3. Cool photo!

    1. Thanks, Roland! xox

  4. And here I am on a diet.

    1. lol, well diets don’t work anyway, so you can have birdies in the nest SOON 🙂

  5. I agree is has all five’s. 🙂

    1. really??? oh that’s so gratifying! thank you, Otto!! xoxoxox

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