Dog Food

I was going to put up a video of iggy pop’s song of the same name, but, meh, i don’t like him… as a person i mean, the song is kind of funny
You may look at the pot of food and think that we are going to have a yummy stew tonight, but nope, it’s for the dogs 🙂 i want our dogs healthy.

11 comments on “Dog Food”

  1. Those are two very spoiled babies, Elaine!

    1. haha!!! in that they eat better than we do, i guess… but it’s a good kind of spoiled, don’t you think?

  2. good grief, they eat well! : – )

    1. yes they doooooo lol we love them 🙂

  3. i volunteered at a dog shelter once but i was always in charge of walking them, Elaine. so i never really got to know their diet. the image looks mouth watering – i would eat it!

    1. awww, you volunteered for da babies??? that so sweet of you!! i want to say ”thank you!” on their part… so, thank you xoxoxox

    2. and also, the veggies doo look good, but the meat is like chicken hearts and beef kidney! ew lol

  4. Hello, your dog love vegetables and fruit ?, So it’s organic !!, Have a nice day.

    1. hehe, meat and veggies, yes, the dogs LOVE IT… you have a nice day too, Roland!

  5. Your version of doggie food looks a LOT better than the canned commercial stuff.

    1. oh IT IS, and our dogs are healthy… even Sparky, who has a yeast problem, we have to be super careful with his food, too much starch and he breaks out!

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