Fraser Valley Academy of Dance

The Lower Mainland by the Ocean, is also mostly called ‘The Fraser Valley’ because the Fraser River runs through it. We lived on a boat on the Fraser for many years. It was located near where the water turns from salt into fresh.

Did you know that when you first move onto a boat and spend all your time there, that when you dock and walk on land, it feels as though the LAND is moving under your feet?

12 comments on “Fraser Valley Academy of Dance”

  1. Me dance I do not like, but everyone does as he wants, well, Roland.

    1. i was just passing by the studio lol not dancing in it! 🙂

  2. Actually, yes, I know, because after being on several cruises in my lifetime, I have experienced it. Talk about loss of equilibrium! HA! Might as well take up dancing. 🙂

    1. it’s weird isn’t it? it’s like your body thinks the water is land, therefore the land must be water haha faulty logic, i’m used to it frankly lol

  3. I can’t and won’t dance, but I really do like this photo. Nicely done! Something about it triggers a lot of memories of good times lost a long time ago.

    1. memories of good times really do have a dreamy quality don’t they? thanks so much for the nice comment, Phil xox

  4. this has such a dreamy appeal

    love, love

    1. thanks, sister, i’ve kind of switched to layers rather than my movie action… i just feel like having a little more fun with processing lately 🙂

  5. actually, if i had a boat ride of a couple of hours, by the time i am back on land, i already feel that way, Elaine 🙂

    1. really?? wow, you must be very… adaptive, Ayush!

  6. Ooo! Sweet photo! love the dreaminess

    1. Thanks so much! I’m going to add you to my feed reader! 🙂

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