14 thoughts on “Many Times I’ve Gazed

  1. What do YOU see when you gaze at this, Elaine? You know how much I love farms/barns. I wonder if the lower part is a chicken coop? And will you really write home eviry/every day? 🙂

  2. Oh, you do love the blur…but to me, it’s the world without my glasses. Well, actually, it’s even with my glasses. I grew up in farming country and I have a mental library of images that look a lot like this and I wouldn’t give them up for anything.

    (“Every” in the typing on the photo (ev’ry) has an apostrophe in place of the second “e” to denote that the word would be pronounced with only two syllables–“ev” “ry”.) It’s a poetic device. Fooled me, too. Sigh. And now, I’m drowning in memories from college literature classes that would best be forgotten.

    Sorry for my wordliness.

    1. awww, my uncles had farms and i soooo badly wanted to leave the city and go live there…. but my cousins who lived on the farm wanted to go live in the big city, so i guess the grass is always greener!
      and ev’ry, i would have understood lol but there is not an apostrophe, but an ‘i’ … eviry… so i thought it was a play on words lol
      nooo, don’t forget your classes… OR your glasses hehehe

      1. Not to be a pain, but just because I already am a pain. I’m emailing you a screenshot, enlarged, increased contrast…and it is “ev’ry”. Oh, I love a good tussle. LOL. Love you, Elaine. 🙂

    1. really??? i was thinking that i lliked the image too!! it’s got a special kind of blur that i got SOOC, a better blur than i could manufacture in photoshop… thank you so much for the compliment, Sherri xoxoxox

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