junkyard… or maybe not, if it only crunches up the cars, then possibly no junk to be found…

12 comments on “Crunch”

  1. HA! Gotta love the Capt’n Crunch sign. Very clever. I always wonder why they crunch the cars when there’s gotta be LOADS of parts that people would want. Right???? But then, they take up so much space. (sigh)

    1. i think that cars these days are not the sort of cars you can work on by yourself… you know? so maybe they are more disposable… sad… i know

  2. Elaine, Nice photo shot!

    1. thank you, Roland!! 🙂

  3. the captain crunch signage is perfect

    1. yeah, i wonder why he didn’t get hit with copyright law lol

  4. The “eyes” on the car tell me that it is trying to escape. (BTW, I think the change from “Cap’n” to “Capt’n” probably dodged the copyright problem. Maybe.)

    Cool shot, Elaine!

    1. maybe, but surely the picture is a copyright issue as well? lol it’s the captain himself. lol
      thanks, Phil 🙂

  5. i see that the headlamps are missing, Elaine, so i guess stripped away most of the parts in the car to re-use? but they left the tyres and wheels.

    1. yes, you are right! i guess the car has been ‘junked’ first! thnaks Ayush!

  6. oh yeh, love this pic

    1. thanks, man… i like it too 🙂

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