junkyard… or maybe not, if it only crunches up the cars, then possibly no junk to be found…

12 thoughts on “Crunch

  1. HA! Gotta love the Capt’n Crunch sign. Very clever. I always wonder why they crunch the cars when there’s gotta be LOADS of parts that people would want. Right???? But then, they take up so much space. (sigh)

  2. The “eyes” on the car tell me that it is trying to escape. (BTW, I think the change from “Cap’n” to “Capt’n” probably dodged the copyright problem. Maybe.)

    Cool shot, Elaine!

  3. i see that the headlamps are missing, Elaine, so i guess stripped away most of the parts in the car to re-use? but they left the tyres and wheels.

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