The difference between man made mountains and ones made by God 🙂

13 comments on “Mountains”

  1. OMG, yes. The difference, indeed!

    1. the highschool i went to first had a huge hill behind it that used to be a garbage dump lol

  2. The mountain of our polluting industries, gods created the human for the degration of our planet.

    1. apparently so, Roland… le sigh

  3. We get but one world. It seems that one of our highest priorities would be to take care of it.

    1. yeah, i think the powers that be are taking advantage, thinking they will be dead before there is hell to pay

  4. i love your low angle here and the color palette is exquistie

    1. it was at the junkyard, the mountain of garbage is high up on those black boxes…thanks about the colour, sister xoxoxox

  5. No words necessary. I know which one I’d rather climb.

    1. yeah, disgusting aye? no birds there even!

  6. did you hear that there are actually container ships full of that stuff that are silently sent to lesser known ports around the world to be dumped, Elaine. and usually someone would be around to shoo you off especially if they see you trying to make a shot of it.

    1. noooo, i hadn’t heard that!! it’s horrible!! they should find a way to compact it and send it out into space or something!

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