Say Goodbye To The Summer

Actually I guess I took this picture in spring. Cherry Bomb!

10 comments on “Say Goodbye To The Summer”

  1. The blossoms on that tree are amazing. I’d love to have seen the entire tree at that time.

    1. yes, we have a ton of cherry blossoms here in the spring… it’s so pretty!!

  2. And now say HELLO to my favorite time of the year! Actually, with pics like this from Spring, I’m tempted to switch my favorite season. HA.

    1. haha, i love sweater weather too… fall has always been my fave, but spring is a close second 🙂

  3. fantastic, Elaine. in Singapore, we have a similar tree but white, and it is shedding at the moment.

    1. we have the white ones toooo, but more pink ones… i love the pink ones more 🙂

  4. so beautifully framed and such a lovely farewell

    1. Thanks, sis! I hesitated over that pic, but i think it turned out ok 🙂

  5. Hello, a beautiful subject, beautiful colors

    1. Thank you, Roland 🙂 xox

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