Farm House

Yep, this is what a poor farmer’s house looks like out heeyah lol

10 comments on “Farm House”

  1. Good grief.

    1. i know hahaha

  2. Oh my! Well, actually, truth be told, that’s also true here in the Netherlands, where some of the “richest” houses are out in the country alongside the farm houses. That’s pretty posh!

    1. pretty posh indeed!!! with workers they bring on a bus to work in the fields… it’s quite the sight!

  3. very nice

    we don’t have farmers who live like that

    1. i knoooow, not ALL farmers live like that out here as well…

  4. suuurree!!
    but a good photo opportunity still, Elaine.

    1. lol, you don’t believe me? lol i would explain, but wouldn’t sound politically correct that’s for sure lol

  5. This is your home! nice picture!

    1. absolutely NOT my home hahaha

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