Baby With You I Got Wheels

emancipation down to my heels, you can’t imagine just how it feels…

10 comments on “Baby With You I Got Wheels”

  1. HA! I love it, Elaine. Well done.

    1. lol i owned that record album when i was a little girl.. totally remember that song from playing it over and over 🙂 somehow that picture reminded me of it lol

  2. whoever welded the fence was very artistic

    beautifully photographed

    1. thanks, Sherri… it’s a neat fence isn’t it? and how i got the picture ‘just right’ is God’s own secret lol in a car, it’s hard.

  3. Cool shot, Elaine. I like it. I remember the Stampeder’s “Sweet City Woman” from so many years ago.

    1. yep! i remember it too! i think it was on the same album as this 🙂 thanks, Philster!

  4. i like the way that gate was crafted, Elaine. and i like your shot of it.

    1. Thanks, Ayush!! it’s always a lucky shot out of a car! 🙂

  5. Love the light in the photo, and the song!

    1. lol robert, thank you! i used to love the stampeders when i was just a little girl 🙂

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