My little brother used to say that when he sees the mountains in the distance he just knows that everything is going to be ok. <3

10 thoughts on “Field of Dreams

  1. Back on the farm again? You brothers saying makes totally sense – at least for me. And you know that I like the photo and the text superimposed on the open field (and the mountain in the background).

      1. oh gosh haha, i haven’t heard that expression in many, many years! lol there’s probably a political reason for that haha

  2. love, love everything here, from the photo to the typography and then the overlay

    your brother must see strength in the mountains. i can identify with feeling more comfortable in a region where mountains are present. i’m in a flat land area now and never will like it.

    1. yes, strength, i think so… i love the mountains to be pretty close by, but i do not like driving thru them! just like i never dated guys with big muscles haha, same principle…
      thanks, sister!

  3. indeed, there is something unshakable, immovable about mountains, so i can relate to your brother, Elaine. he sounds like a wise one 🙂

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