Miss Smidge

“I am I because my little dog knows me” Gertrude Stein

I know it’s in my banner, but I just love that quote!

10 comments on “Miss Smidge”

  1. And coming from Gertrude Stein somehow makes it even more special, Elaine! 🙂

    1. i actually had never heard the quote until i heard it IN A MOVIE haha!!

  2. cute pooch! cool quote!

    1. yes, she’s a darling 🙂 thanks, Ryan!

  3. I always smile when I see a Smidge photo. 🙂

    1. do you?? i’ll have to post more then, Phil 🙂 thanks xoxox

  4. she looks like she is enjoying a bit of a frolic, Elaine.

    1. she is just lying down beside my thigh 🙂 kind of the opposite of a frolic, really lolol

  5. she’s such a character

    i love the colors / hues in this

    1. thank you Sherri, she is a character! She has a strong personality 🙂

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