They Live in the Woods

Hope you had a good halloween!

20 comments on “They Live in the Woods”

  1. Yes, who lives there? Cannot be pleasant entities… Are trying to install fear in us, now.

    1. it IS a creepy picture isn’t it? and that’s SOOC!!

  2. I like the eerie mood. Friendship

    1. thanks! the picture gives me the heebeegeebees lol… and OKAY lol let’s be friends 🙂

  3. Cool and spooky shot. However, I prefer the dark woods to dark city streets, y’know?

    1. probably equally dangerous around here, we have mountain lions and bears…

  4. feels very intense

    1. it’s a weird picture isn’t it?? usually i ignore it when i take pics like that from the car… but something caught my eye for halloween 🙂

  5. Very halloweeny. Cool shot.

    1. lol thanks, Michael, i thought so too… VERY halloweeny!

  6. oh this looks very ominous, Elaine!

    1. thanks, Ayush! It just sort of ‘happened’ lol

  7. eeek !!!!

  8. Ooooooooh. It definitely looks and feels spooky, Elaine!

    1. spookaaay… i don’t know what was going on that day lol thanks, sis xoxox

  9. Nice and scaring, scaring but…nice!

    1. lol thanks… i don’t normally like scary things, not even rides at the fair lol “_”

  10. Hello, cool photo, cool shot!
    Nice day to you

    1. thanks, Roland! good to see you!

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