Big Sky Country

An inch deep and a mile wide… that was business advice 🙂

18 comments on “Big Sky Country”

  1. I like the feeling of the space…above us!

    1. thanks, robert! it’s a different world up there!

  2. You can say that again! Sometimes that’s what it feels like…especially when no mountains are around. 🙂

    1. yeah, over here you look to one side and it’s mountains, other side, headed to the ocean, flat land!

  3. i love this, elaine

    1. i knew you would, sis xoxox

  4. Strange business advice, but offering us an original composition 😉

    1. it means don’t put all your money into testing one product, test small on a LOT of products 🙂

  5. That sky definitely steals the show. It is impactful.

    1. thank you xoxox i love clouds like that too 🙂

  6. What a sky canopy! I’ll trade you that sky for this midwest gray.

    1. oh, it’s plenty grey here in the winter months!

  7. i like the big sky above the vast open land, Elaine! and i like the new layout too.

    1. Thanks, Ayush! I’m not sure about the layout! Think it’s not suited to viewing pics 🙂

  8. That is a terrific shot. I have to say it was good to escape the autumn drizzle down there and get home.

    1. yes, it’s definitely ‘Big Rain Country’ as well… but I actually prefer the rain to the snow!

  9. I like it pretty well!

    1. thanks, Roland.. nice of you to say!

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