Again, I’m not saying it’s aliens… but it’s aliens 🙂

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  1. Hello, yours a green blue photo color, new period? Pretty pretty, good to you and have a nice day

    1. oh yes! i never noticed the colour reminds me of your colours lately! but no, it’s not a new period lol it was just the night sky 🙂

  2. HAHA. You’ll get aliens in even if it kills you, won’t you, Elaine. 😀 Gotta love the mystery

    1. lol it’s true, i have seen weird lights in the sky, one time i thought i saw a slow shooting star and then it made a 90 degree turn!!! but i try not to think about it, coz frankly it scares me lol… i’m not what you would consider ‘interested’ in aliens!

  3. Ooo, i think this is so pretty and not alien-like at all

    1. hehe, i would have thought is was the moon, but spread out like that, it reminded me of scenes in movies about aliens 🙂 thanks, my dear

  4. I like the moodiness of this one. Friendship

    1. thank you, friend 🙂

  5. That sure is a dramatic sky.

    1. kinda makes you wonder what the heck is going on up there, huh?

  6. I believed aliens were among us…LOL but it is possible you are correct !!!
    Love the graphic look in this photo, the wires let me think about a stave…the moon and the sound of music…great!

    1. hehe, i think it was the movie ‘Independence Day’ that showed alien ships coming thru the clouds… i don’t know where my aliens are from in this pic 🙂 but it’s not ‘The Sound of Music’ lol

      1. aliens are always …unkown…

      2. judging by the people on THIS planet, odds are the aliens wouldn’t be friendly anyway haha… they would have their own war machine!

  7. i love your shot and the colours here, Elaine. in general i like pylons, power lines, etc so this is a great post for me.

    1. thank you, Ayush! power lines are nice in photos, aren’t they?

  8. One of my doctors believes in aliens, which is very good, because when we talk together I forget the reason why I’m consulting him.

    1. oh my gosh!!! you made me laugh OUT LOUD lolol

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