Life in the Bush of Ghosts


16 comments on “Life in the Bush of Ghosts”

  1. The light creates a mysterious mood.

    1. didn’t it tho? i only had one other picture with weird lights like that in it, it makes me think of those old spirtist photos!

  2. a very cool, candid shot, Elaine. i like the red tint

    1. thanks, Ayush 🙂

  3. It makes me wonder what is happening there. It is such a mystery.

    1. yeah, i wonder what those lighted areas are too… weird, huh?

  4. He looks so nonchalant, Elaine, as though he is NOT trying to lurk around unseen (as opposed to those in movies trying to escape the roving spotlight). Still, it does have the sense of mystery.

    1. well… maybe he’s the last man standing 🙂 last corporeal man anyway lol

  5. Where are the aliens? Maybe upstair, please do not go through tha dark door. Only ghosts are allowed to go…

    1. hahaha, no going thru the dark door!! that is standard operating procedure for me lol

  6. i like the hues in the texture

    1. actually, the hues of the texture were just brown, i forget how the red got in there and became so striking… thanks, sherri xox

  7. Aliens and ghosts, you meet many interesting creatures, Elaine. The light revealed in this picture offers us the mysterious mood we need to enlarge our world.

    1. i suppose that i have been kind of a deep world mood lately 🙂 thank you for your interesting comments xoxox

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