Risky Business

Driving with post traumatic stress disorder!

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  1. (sigh) I don’t have PTSD, Elaine, but I’m beginning to feel that way whenever I drive in Atlanta each year. I think if I DID have PTSD, I’d swear off driving there forever! In the meantime, be careful!!!

    1. well, gilles is driving, i’m too scared to drive now… but gilles is a road rager and it scares me so much how aggressive he is, my mind races with scenes of possible car accidents the whole while!

  2. A good visual of the struggle within. Friendship

    1. yep the struggle is real lol thanks! xox

  3. i really like the deep saturation of color along with the softness

    1. thank you sis! i made a a photoshop action, to give a movie type/blur look, it took me DAYS lol and it’s so huge it takes about a minute to run 🙂

      1. oh, wow, on the time, but good for you!

      2. ahh well, you know i had a good time doing it lol

  4. Love that photo! So blurred, so strong, so impacting! Great work!

    1. do you know that a long time ago, i used to be SCARED to post my blurred photos, even tho i loved them, i thought people would laugh at me 🙂

      1. sharpness is a bourgeouis concept !

      2. hahahaha!!! oh my gosh, that’s funny!! however, it was years ago that I first started overcoming my fears of posting blurry photos, they were unheard of! now i see them in more and more places, and figure I will have to come up with another way to rebel soon lol

  5. The road of fortune? maybe good day to you.

    1. may the road of fortune rise up to meet you, Roland 🙂 good day!

  6. “I love a parade…”

    1. lol wow, i haven’t seen a parade in many decades lol

  7. What’s so risky about it – when you get such lovely image as this? We always talk about taking risk in the creative work. I guess this elevates it to a different level…

    1. Really, Otto?? you think this image is lovely??! I actually love boring road images too, one of my faves 🙂 thanks for your sweet comment!

  8. i have not driven in years, but i do bike regularly and in the city, bikes have to share the roads with all manner of vehicles…. so, i hear you, Elaine!

    1. biking would scare me too!! i fractured my spine when i was young, in a car accident, and the girl in the bed across from me had the same injury, but she was on her bicycle and got hit!

  9. I have ptsd regarding forest fires. I thought I was over it until I started talking about them while getting my blood pressure taken in hospital. It suddenly shot up.

    1. oh i’m so sorry to hear that! i have a friend who’s trauma hides in his blood pressure! bodies can be tricky!

  10. A blurred and beautiful photo. Why? Because it opens new roads to beauty. Just as simple as that 😉

    1. awww, thank you!! i feel the same way about blur 🙂 xoxox

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