24 thoughts on “Risky Business

  1. (sigh) I don’t have PTSD, Elaine, but I’m beginning to feel that way whenever I drive in Atlanta each year. I think if I DID have PTSD, I’d swear off driving there forever! In the meantime, be careful!!!

    1. well, gilles is driving, i’m too scared to drive now… but gilles is a road rager and it scares me so much how aggressive he is, my mind races with scenes of possible car accidents the whole while!

    1. thank you sis! i made a a photoshop action, to give a movie type/blur look, it took me DAYS lol and it’s so huge it takes about a minute to run 🙂

      1. hahahaha!!! oh my gosh, that’s funny!! however, it was years ago that I first started overcoming my fears of posting blurry photos, they were unheard of! now i see them in more and more places, and figure I will have to come up with another way to rebel soon lol

  2. i have not driven in years, but i do bike regularly and in the city, bikes have to share the roads with all manner of vehicles…. so, i hear you, Elaine!

    1. biking would scare me too!! i fractured my spine when i was young, in a car accident, and the girl in the bed across from me had the same injury, but she was on her bicycle and got hit!

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