Fish Fry

My husband's favorite food memory from when he was young, fishing all day, frying up the fish to eat with beans… I don't get it, so I skip the beans. 🙂

14 comments on “Fish Fry”

  1. HAHA! Astrid hates brown beans but I love them, so…there you go. But the fish we both love! YAY for the fish.

    1. oh i like beans, and often eat them cold straight out of the can lol but for me, they just don’t go with fish! and yes, YAY fish!! 🙂

  2. As a vegetarian who eats fish, I love beans. SO this sounds and looks good to me. Friendship

    1. i often think of becoming a vegan who eats fish, but my husband balks at it, since he does all the cooking! 🙂

  3. i don’t eat pinto beans with my fried catfish either, but it’s a tradition in the deep south

    neat capture

    1. wow! my husband is from the deep NORTH, makes me wonder how the tradition moved?? thanks, sis!

  4. I like to eat fish, sometimes I eat beans, never together

    1. i concur, never together lol

  5. I would skip the fish and double the rest.

    1. yeah, i wish to be vegan too, but my muscles get weak with no protein, and i’m anemic… lol ugh

  6. Duck + beans, this is cassoulet. But fish + beans? Can’t find a name, even in Japanese.

    1. it’s a thing lol fish and beans… just not with me! thanks for the funny comment 🙂

  7. i would skip the beans too (i am not fond of them) but i think the fish does not get fresher than that! nice presentation, Elaine.

    1. thanks, Ayush… i think my food looks better when i’m hungry lol than in a picture

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