This fog reminded me of the song by Adele… but my fave version of it is by little Connie Talbot… Which you can hear in the first video, tho it’s made with a karaoke machine, not a studio lol…

The second video is of her audition for Britain’s Got Talent when she was just a bebe, and that video STILL makes me cry every time…

The third video is of her all grow’d up, doing a spine tingling version of ‘I Will Always Love You’ 🙂 Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Rollin’ In The Deep

  1. Wow, Elaine. I see what you mean about Connie Talbot. I just Googled her and see that she and Nicholas are from the same year, 2000…19 years old. Don’t you wonder where they both will be 10 years from now!

    1. i know, right? she’s amazing! and ten years from now, i suspect Connie will be exactly where she is, making money on youtube! unless she does make some shocking image change, to change her into an adult 🙂

  2. i remember her when she was the youngest and hadn’t thought about where she is today. she has a beautiful voice. i hope she makes it big.

    love, love, love your image. it’s really quite stunning.

    1. yes, i think that her ‘Rolling In The Deep’ cover has over 36 million views, but surprisingly a lot of people haven’t heard of her… so i thought i would share 🙂

  3. You captured it ! It’s a much-used phrase, but “into the light” comes to mind. 🙂
    I wish Connie Talbot the best, too.

    1. yes, sometimes we do get very thick fog here… once i tried to walk my dog in a thick fog at night, and i put my arm out and couldn’t see my hand at all…

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