Winter Of Our Discontent

Our driveway as the first unseasonable snow melts away…

14 comments on “Winter Of Our Discontent”

  1. Ohhhhh. Let’s keep seeing the autumn colors while they last and THEN let the snow come. I love the feel of this, Elaine.

    1. snow usually melts away in a day here… or at least it used to… then again it used to only snow one day a year, right around Christmas… climate change… the year we first moved here, they had the first white Christmas in 76 years, a few years later it was common, and now! snow, that seems unseasonable! i hate it lol

  2. The colors are stupendous. And looking at this autumn / winter scene doesn’t make me discontent. But let’s say it, I’m in my little office, warm and illuminated by a natural autumn / winter sun. And I like it.

    1. thanks, Francis! xox… it’s always nice to be cozy warm inside when it’s not warm outside… doubles our pleasure 🙂

  3. I like the deep colors and textures.

    1. i turned up the saturation with you in mind 🙂

  4. It certainly makes an interesting driveway.

    1. awwww, you flatter me 🙂 thanks, Michael xox

  5. Very fanciful, indeed. Kodachrome is jealous. 😉

    1. oh! Kodachrome! Makes me sad to think of it 🙁

  6. wow, such pretty colors

    1. definitely reached saturation point here lol thanks, sis! xox

  7. i like the bold colours, especially the scarlet, Elaine.

    1. thanks, Ayush… saturated colour and all that 🙂

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