12 comments on “Moonstruck”

  1. HA! Another favorite movie to take off the shelf and watch again! Too many movies, so little time. 🙁

    1. Years ago, when hubby would question me, and i didn’t want to answer i would say ‘I LOST MY HAND!’ in nick cage’s voice, and he would laugh and forget the question lol totally a fave movie

  2. There is a mystery about this photo which I love.

    1. Thanks! It was probably just taken in the supermarket parking lot, but that tree! I’m expecting a werewolf at any point 🙂

  3. this is really pretty in a full moon scary movie sort of way

    1. i know right?? i was going to call it ‘Wolfen’ but that was too creepy lol

  4. That is a great movie. Haven’t seen it for years.

    1. hehe, i know, i looove that movie

  5. Don’t you just love it when you are trying to get to sleep and those bare branches scratch at your window?

    1. hahaha, i tried to quell the effects of the creepy picture with the video… but yeah, that pic is creepy 🙂 when THOSE branches scratch your window, stay away from the freaking window!

  6. it looks a bit eerie to me, but at the same time it might not be a bad idea to walk around, Elaine.

    1. you mean, take a wide berth around that tree and stay by the well lit supermarket? lol yes, Ayush, I concur.

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