Misty Mountain Hop

Hard to see the mountains on a day like this.

subliminal suggestion: listen to the music!

Now! Onward to the song of the same name! ‘4 Non Blondes’ is a female band just KICKIN’ IT doing this Led Zeppelin cover of Misty Mountain Hop! it’s weird to hear such vocals coming out of a pretty little girl lol! (Listening to the first song here will require a little bravery lol) Actually I think there might be one guy in the band.. hmmm… ok, i googled it, it started off as an all chick band, but a guy took the place as guitarist at some point… If you watch to the point of the guitar riffing near the end, you will see that he is wearing an open vest with no shirt, so yeah, a guy lol… the one with the blonde buzzcut is female though… she must be the 5th member, coz she’s BLONDE haha, get it? 4 non blondes?…they broke up when the singer went solo, I forget when. Sometime after the band broke up the drummer, Wanda Day, fell out of a window, and broke her back, and was soon in a wheel chair, ended up living back with her mom in Utah and died not long after of a drug overdose… I can attest to the fact that broken backs are soul sucking, I broke mine when I was 14 years old, and now I can’t stand or walk very long at all, and THE PAIN… I’m talking about those velocity falls, where you break your back and CRUSH the discs in between… ugh, anyway…

The singer really is astounding though, she has spent all these years writing hit songs for tons of people, from Pink to Dolly Parton! She has won a grammy for best songwriter… But I hate when good bands break up for that reason, coz the the band fails and the singer fails. I used to do one of their songs in karaoke all the time, it’s called ‘What’s Up?’… Oh what the heck, I’ll post it second… It’s not a hard rock song like Misty Mountain Hop… I’m not sure that you guys are clicking on my vids, but I should provide anyway 🙂

It’s almost hard to believe the angel in the next video is the same person as in the last video lol About me singing like her in karaoke bars, please note that THIS song is a LOT easier to sing than the previous, I’m not a screamer, not the gravelly voice screamer type anyway.. Though I couldn’t sing it now because I have lost my voice, and even have trouble reading aloud from a book for more than 5 minutes these days… I can still talk in casual conversation if the other person does most of the talking, but when something is required of me, my voice is generally not up to it. I lost my voice when I was in my early twenties, singing Cher’s ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ at a karaoke bash in college, coz everybody ran up on stage to join me in the song and I tried to scream over them to hear myself, my voice just broke, and it just got worse and worse over the years… it makes me sad sometimes.. the things lost over time. Granted I never did anything with my voice other than get the occasional standing ovation in a karaoke bar hehe. Actually, I think they only stood up once… I was doing Melissa Etheridge’s ‘I’m The Only One’… I’ll post that one if you want to hear it. It’s the last video.

here’s Melissa… you can hear why this song was a crowd pleaser amongst drunk karaoke patrons …not a hard song to sing… at least it wasn’t hard for me back when… singing ANY song is totally impossible for me now, I sound tone deaf coz I can’t control it anymore, and like I have laryngitis…. if you did read this story, and esp if you listened to the songs, I thank you… xoxoxoxox p.s. I just noticed this is a totally lesbian based post! lol gotta love it … I guess lesbians make the best rock stars 🙂

Ok, so press play on the little player below, and you can hear me singing after I lost my voice almost completely, it’s from maybe 3 years ago, and I can’t even do that anymore… I was sort of trying to sing with my talking voice coz my singing voice was long gone… it’s an awful shit show lol but i found it funny how bad it was.. I recorded it for a joke, to enter a local battle of the bands type contest a radio station was putting on, to make the peeps who worked at the station laugh… it ended up getting a TON of hits, just coz it’s so horrible lol… i guess other people found it funny too 🙂

you have been warned… it’s BAD… at the beginning you can’t tell whether i’m speaking and possibly mentally deficient, or trying to sing lol oh and the recording is SUPER bad and all muffled and such…

I hope y’all have enjoyed this journey and end it with a laugh 🙂 I’m the only rockstar in this post who isn’t a lesbian hahaha

Don’t worry, this was a few years back, and now my talking voice is pretty much gone too, and I don’t even attempt to sing anymore, it’s futile. lol

Have a nice day!

14 comments on “Misty Mountain Hop”

  1. HAHA! All of that from your misty image with a mountain you can’t see! We’ll just have to take your word for it, Elaine. I have never heard of the 4 Non Blondes, so I just got my education. I actually like their second song here. But now you’re really talking when you get to Melissa Etheridge. OMG! She’s part and parcel of the lesbian scene from years ago. I actually have seen her several times in concert (in Atlanta), playing this song in particular, which is like a signature song for her. Great memories for me, none of which are misty! 🙂

    1. oh! I would like to see Melissa in concert!! Though it’s probably too late for that… and YES, i got ALL THAT from a misty photo of the highway on the way out to the RV, which faces the mountains, thick fog tho… All that comes from the way my brain ‘free associates’ lolol… I’m glad you enjoyed it, my friend, thanks for taking part in my fun 🙂 xoxoxoxoxox

  2. absolutely love the power lines along with the headlights and tail-lights through the mist

    1. hehe, not a music lover then… thanks about my pic… i kind of don’t know what to do with fog pics… they are hard to process and not just look grey.. you know?

  3. You are a brave soul… I actually appreciate and enjoy how you tie your images to music. I tend to think of songs as I hear things or go through my day. Friendship

    1. you mean i’m brave to put up that song i sang? lol it’s funny, i don’t mind 🙂

  4. Ouh la la, as we say in my lost country. Such a story! So many musical references! Now I have a lot of material available for my next insomnia 😉 But right now I’ll just say that your picture is exactly the Elaine’s kind of picture I prefer. The place (the highway), the light (a beautifully enhanced fog), the machines (car and truck). It remembers me an accident when I was behind one of these trucks, which lost a wheel that destroyed our car. Maybe Lou Reed’s spirit saved us cause we were going back home after singing along the Reed in Cambrai.
    And so on…

    1. lol thank you!! i love Lou Reed, but loved his wife more… if you know Laurie Anderson, she would be awesome for your next bout of insomnia! I’ve even seen her in concert, brilliant… And I’m glad you like my boring pictures, that makes me happy 🙂
      Those trucks on the road are dangerous, I remember driving near one once and the wood they were carrying started falling off on the highway, very near to my windshield … it was a lucky break that one of them didn’t hit me! I’m sorry that you didn’t fare so well… I enjoyed your comment though!

  5. I love that shot. And the processing really works with it.

    1. thanks, Michael xox

  6. oh, i did not know that. it sounds horrible about your back, Elaine. but i love your shot, it is very atmospheric and i like the view with the squarish shapes and lines criss crossing all over.

    1. awwww… thank you, Ayush! you’re sweet xoxox

  7. The photo is powerfulllll!!! Yes truck are (can be) dangerous…I do not sing, even under the shower I do not…I’m off-key…when a teenager I studied for two year to play guitar and I could do it reading the music but when my teacher told me “I play the melody and you make the accompanimet following your ear ” it wa a real panic for me…so ended my career as musicien LOL I’ll listen to the music tomorrow and let you know about…

    1. Hi Robert! thanks about the photo!! sorry about your career as a rockstar lol i took guitar lessons too, when i was very young, and my guitar teacher was always getting angry at me, so i just quit, figuring i would never be good enough… thinking back, i should have gone on, because i was only about 7 years old, and what was i expecting?? mozart?? lol… hope you enjoy the music tomorrow! thanks… xoxoxox

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